What Age Related Physiological Changes Can Affect Nutrition Of The Elderly?

What are the factors affecting nutrition in the elderly?

Socioeconomic, psychological, ethnic, physiological, and pathological factors all influence dietary intake, interacting in a complex and inter- twining manner.

For example, financial stress can lead to depression, which in turn adversely affects dietary intake..

What are the physiological changes due to Ageing?

Physiological changes occur with aging in all organ systems. The cardiac output decreases, blood pressure increases and arteriosclerosis develops. The lungs show impaired gas exchange, a decrease in vital capacity and slower expiratory flow rates.

Why is it important to screen for nutritional deficits particularly in the elderly?

Nutrition Screening and Assessment It allows for prevention of nutrition-related problems when risks are identified and early intervention when problems are confirmed. Early detection and treatment are not only cost-effective but result in improved health and quality of life of the older patient.

Which nutritional activities can be altered in older adults due to physiological changes brought about by aging?

Aging is associated with a decline in number of physiological functions that can affect nutritional status, including reduced lean body mass, changes in cytokine and hormonal levels, delayed gastric emptying, changes in fluid electrolyte regulation, and diminished sense of smell and taste.