Quick Answer: What Happened Adam Larsson?

Where is Adam Larsson from?

Edmonton Oilers#6 / DefensemanAdam Larsson/Current teams.

Is Adam Larsson good?

Adam Larsson does none of those obvious things that win over fans and pundits. But in the defensive end of the ice, he’s the kind of tough, reliable, fundamentally sound, rock solid d-man who can succeed against tough competition that every coach loves and every team can use.

Why is my Oiler 50/50 blocked?

Officials said the provider had increased its capacity by 2 1/2 times for Friday night’s draw. The pot hit nearly $300,000 in its first hour-and-a-half on Friday. … “After about half an hour of trying or so, it came up with the ‘You are blocked due to your location’ message,” said Desroches.

What’s happening with the Oilers 50 50?

The 50/50 was scheduled for the Aug. 7 game between the Oilers and the Chicago Blackhawks. The Oilers lost and were eliminated from the series. Online sales quickly grew to $15.2 million — a world record for sports 50/50 draws — but the servers were overwhelmed by purchase requests.

Has the Oilers 50/50 been claimed?

A lucky winner has come forward to claim the Edmonton Oilers’ record-setting Aug. 7 50/50 draw. On Monday night, the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation announced Daryl Tyrlik as the raffle winner of the $14.1 million jackpot.

Is Adam Larsson injured?

It was a suspected back injury that thwarted Adam Larsson’s ability to play in games three and four for the Edmonton Oilers, reported the Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson. While Larsson struggled mightily in the first two games, his absence made things difficult for the Oilers with the right-shooter going down.

Who won the 50 50 at the Oilers game?

Daryl TyrlikDaryl Tyrlik is $7,088,425 richer after winning the club’s record-breaking 50/50 draw. Tyrlik claimed his riches on Monday, taking home half of the $14.2-million total jackpot. Tyrlik’s new-found fortune was awarded after weeks of delays in the draw, which was originally scheduled for Aug.